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The Red Dot Auction
05/14/2011 - By Orange, California

What is the Red Dot Auction? We asked artists from around the world, both emerging and world-renowned, to contribute a work of art to our Spring Fundraiser.

One of the gallery's walls was hung with 45 works of art, all of which had begun with a blank 10" square canvas. The artists contributed watercolors, photographs, and mixed media as well as more traditional paint on canvas works. The one thing they all have in common though, is that they have signed their artwork on the reverse.

Why are the artists anonymous? We felt it added "spice" to the silent auction. Bidding began at $100.00 per work, and increased in $50.00 increments with each bid. The opportunity to own a work of art that may normally sell for thousands of dollars for far less was quite possible. Our patrons had to trust their hearts--not the artist's signature--to make that decision.

Why a red dot? Traditionally, when a work of art sells in a gallery, a red dot will be placed on the wall next to it. Our patrons received a $1000.00 red dot that could be used as a "Buy It Now" dot on any silent auction work of art, eliminating the fear that they might lose that work of art to another bidder. This silent auction was so successful that we've planned to do it again in 2012!

Photos: Stephen Russo

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