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Riverkeeper’s Indian Point Campaign Fundraiser
10/14/2011 - By Annie Watt @ Society-Photos.com

Riverkeeper’s Indian Point Campaign Fundraiser

Jon Kamen

Joan Hornig and Riverkeeper board member George Hornig hosted a fundraiser for Riverkeeper’s Indian Point Campaign Thursday evening, Oct. 13, at their Park Avenue home.

More than 100 guests attended the cocktail party and listened to remarks by Hamilton Fish, Publisher of the Washington Spectator and long-time Riverkeeper board member, concerning the threats posed by the Indian Point nuclear power plant located just 24 miles north of New York City. Riverkeeper President Paul Gallay described Riverkeeper’s multifaceted campaign to prevent Indian Point from being licensed to operate for an additional 20 years.
Guests included Riverkeeper board members Ann Colley, Peggy Cullen, Mike Richter and Paul Zofnass; Connie Dean-Taylor, Tori Greenleaf and Michael Kempner, Douglas Hand, Karen Klopp, Luz Leguizamo, Dany Levy, Laura Moore and Fred Tanne, Veronique Pittman, Ann and Joseph Tonetti, and Dar Williams. Proceeds from the event will support Riverkeeper’s landmark legal battle to close Indian Point and take a step toward a safer, cleaner, reliable and affordable energy future for New York City and the Hudson Valley.

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