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Patricia Mark Book Party, hosted by the Hornigs
09/26/2011 - By Private residence, NYC

Patricia Mark Book Party, hosted by the Hornigs
Photos by Annie Watt@Society-Photos.com

Jeff Sonnenfeld, Joand and George Hornig, Kristen Mannion

“Welcome to the launch of my underwear line”, is how book author Patricia Marx welcomed everyone to her book party at Joan and George Hornig’s. She went on to explain, “I set out to write War and Peace, and ended up making underpants in my apartment.

For those of you who haven’t read my book, and maybe don’t know that I even wrote a book, you are probably wondering why there is underwear strewn all over the place. No, the Hornigs are not the biggest slobs in the world. rather, it is because one of the main characters in my book is a lingerie designer. I leave IT to you to imagine what the party would be like if I’d made the character a butcher.” Marx's second novel, Starting From Happy, a sharp-edged love story is told in 618 mini-chapters, sprinkled with Marx's quirky line drawings of origami instructions and pie charts, plus an atypical female lead and her ardent admirer.
Patricia Marx is a former writer for Saturday Night Live and Rugrats, and one of the first two women elected to the Harvard Lampoon. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, The New Yorker, Vogue, and The Atlantic Monthly. She is the author of the 2007 novel, Him Her Him Again The End of Him, as well as several humor books and children's books (Meet My Staff, Now Everybody Really Hates Me, Now I Will Never Leave the Dinner Table).
There were a lot of writers at the party, Marx said, who probably felt they have the best agent. She challenged them to an “agent-off” because, as she put it, “Esther Newberg is the best agent and friend anyone could have.” After thanking everyone from Muhammed Ali, who taught Marx what she knows about boxers, to her Scribner publicists Katherine Monaghan and Fiona Brown, her editors Samantha Martin and Nan Graham, “who, when I said I want to illustrate my book, didn’t ask me technical questions, such as can you draw? Do you even have a pen?” But the biggest thanks went to her stupendous friends Joan and George Hornig, whose generosity was extraordinary.
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