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Nomad Two Worlds Opening Night Reception
08/08/2009 - By Keszler Gallery - 45 Main Street, Southampton, NY

Nomad Two Worlds Opening Night Reception

Last Saturday evening Russell James and Nicole Trunfio hosted the opening night of “Nomad Two Worlds” at Southampton’s Keszler Gallery.

Inspired by the Australian Prime Minister’s public apology to the country’s Indigenous peoples for almost 200 years of grievances, this exhibit is an exceptional presentation of Australian art and culture that supports a cause with profound global impact. This art installation created by the acclaimed art and fashion photographer, Russell James and co-created with Indigenous Australian Artist Clifton Bieundurry is deeply rooted in the Australian Reconciliation Movement. Nomad Two Worlds exhibits “apology in action” and the capability to motivate those cultures that also yearn for synergy. Through the exploration of the three stages of cultural collision: past (innocence), present (Inhibition), and future (Discovery), the launch of Nomad Two Worlds raises awareness and inspires change in a meaningful effort to preserve culture. Music and Art are intricately connected in Australian Indigenous cultures, artist often “sing” there paintings which also took place on Saturday evening at the gallery. The exhibit runs through August 22nd.

For more information, visit www.nomadtwoworlds.com

Guests who supported this noble cause last weekend include Lucia Hwong-Gordon, Jamee Gregory, Melissa Berkelhammer, Allen Schwartz, Jared Abrams, Ana Lerario Geller, Liliana Cavendish, Roy Leibenthal

Photos: © 2009 Patrick McMullan

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