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New York Women's Foundation Luncheon - Women Helping Women
09/17/2009 - By Le Cirque

New York Women's Foundation Luncheon - Women Helping Women

Jean Shafiroff hosted a luncheon for the NY Women’s Foundation at Le Cirque featuring keynote speaker Diana L. Taylor, Vice Chair of the Foundation.

Ms Taylor spoke with enthusiasm about the strategy of NYWF, Women Helping Women – Funding Change and spoke of the accomplishment over the past 22 years, surpassing $20 million in grants, thus improving the lives of 5 million women and girls in New York City . Over 100 guests attended, including Barbara Tober, Debbie Bancroft, Somers Farkas, Liz Peek, John Cantrell, Margo Langenberg, Yaz Hernanadez, Bana Hassan, Ann Rapp, Catherine Farley, Anka Palitz, Barbara de Portago, Wendy Dietze, Emily Raferty, Amy Fine, Donna Soloway, Jamila Ogunlesi, Joan Hornig, Carolyn SicherCollins, Fe Fendi, Andrea Greeven Douzet, Janice Ellig, Lynn Paulson, Debra Schuster Tanger, Victoria Wymen, Deborah Jackson, Joan Jedell, Marlene Hess, Larry Kaiser, Mitzi Perdue, Susan Cullman, Laureen Arbus, Joyce Cowin, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Lisa Cashin, Sharon Bush, Sharon Handler, Lisa Church, Patricia Shiah, Tomaczek Bednarek, Christine Gray, Zita Davisson.

As Co-Chair of New York Women’s Foundation Fall 2009 Dinner - Step Out and Step Up, Jean Shafiroff invited her friends and their friends to the upcoming NYWF event which will honor Elizabeth and Herb Sturtz and Sheryl WuDunn and Nicholas D. Kristof on Wednesday, October 14, 2009 at the Gotham Hall. The Stepping Up Award will be presented to recognize NYers who serve as role models and demonstrate courageous leadership, vision and commitment to women. The Cocktail reception, will be followed by dinner and dancing and include a special performance by Grammy Award-winning recording artist, May J. Blige. Tickets and information are available at the NYWF website: www.nywf.org.

Photos: ANN WATT @ Society-Photos.com

The New York Women’s Foundation® (NYWF®) was established in 1987 as a public philanthropy to be a voice for women and a force for change. We are a cross-cultural alliance of women helping low-income women and girls in the five boroughs to achieve sustained economic security through expanded opportunities. We work together to transform the conditions of poverty and to create an equal and just future for low-income women and girls.

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