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Na'Amat USA 40th National Convention
07/11/2010 - By Boca Raton, FL

Na'Amat USA 40th National Convention

NA’AMAT USA, a member of the International Movement of Zionist Women, recently held its 40th National Convention in Boca Raton, Florida.

NA’AMAT delegates from across the United States and their families took part in this convention, which was themed “Spreading Sunshine with NA’AMAT.”
Professor Gabriela Shalev, Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, delivered the convention’s keynote speech, and discussed several issues of concern to the State. These included the importance restarting peace talks with Palestinian officials, addressing the threat posed by a nuclear Iran, and protecting the State’s legitimacy. Prof. Shalev is Israel’s 14th Permanent Representative to the UN, and the first woman appointed to this post.

For more than 84 years, NA’AMAT has helped women and children in Israel build and rebuild their lives through its large network of social services. With NA’AMAT organizations in nine additional countries around the world, NA’AMAT USA, in conjunction with NA’AMAT Israel, provides care for more than 18,000 children in more than 250 day care centers throughout Israel. Special multi-purpose day care centers work with 1,600 children who require special services. They operate two agricultural boarding schools and 17 technological high schools. The Status of Women Department offers, among other services, legal aid to mothers and their children coping with domestic violence.

Photos by Corby Kaye Studio, Palm Beach

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