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It's Raining Cats and Dogs! Gala
10/01/2010 - By Chicago, IL

It's Raining Cats and Dogs! Gala

On Friday, October 1, 2010 over 300 feline fans and canine lovers joined us at Chicago’s Hard Rock Hotel for The Anti-Cruelty Society’s 10th annual It’s Raining Cats & Dogs! fall benefit.

This was the first year the event was held off-site and it proved to be outstanding. It’s Raining Cats & Dogs! raised over $103,000, helping us improve the lives of animals and the community!

This year, It’s Raining Cats & Dogs! had a very special purpose. All of the funds raised through this event are helping to fund our shelter façade repairs. After 30 years of wear and tear, the aluminum siding is crumbling and our window seals are worn and broken. It literally has been raining in the cat and dog adoption rooms and The Society has been forced to make repairs to the 510 N. LaSalle façade. The renovation has begun and has a scheduled completion of spring, 2011. The project is NOT cosmetic. It is necessary to make these repairs so that the 111 year old organization can continue to be here for all of the cats and dogs that need them.

Photos By: The Anti-Cruelty Society

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