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Fashion Fights Poverty's Ethical and Eco Fashion Forum
09/22/2009 - By Society of DC

Fashion Fights Poverty's Ethical and Eco Fashion Forum

On Tuesday, September 22, Fashion Fights Poverty's Ethical and Eco Fashion Forum joined forces with the foreign policy gurus at Foreign Policy Digest to create an exciting new forum.

They also addressed and initiated discussion among global leaders, international policy makers, consumers, and the world's fashion designers. Held at the beautiful Historical Society of DC (formerly the Carnegie Library), the forum attracted eco/ethical vendors showcasing their brand, consumers interested in learning more about eco/ethical issues in the fashion industry, and a diverse panel. Featuring Amisha Ghadiali from London-based Ethical Fashion Forum; Bill Burke-White, University of Pennsylvania International Law Professor; Chris Aument, ethical jeweler consultant; and Jason Fitzgerald, specialist from the Carbon Fund - the panel engaged in a fascinating conservation and advised consumers on concrete steps to make an eco/ethical lifestyle sustainable and effective from a policy perspective to everyday behavior. The forum, which is held the week of Fashion Fights Poverty's annual fashion show, offers a platform to discuss issues related to eco-sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), international anti-poverty income-generating programs, global micro-finance, and the international commercial fashion industry. At the heart of all these issues is the big question: *"Can Fashion Fight Poverty?"*

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