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EcoHealth Alliance Young Professionals Council Summer Kick-Off Party!
07/13/2011 - By New York, NY

EcoHealth Alliance Young Professionals Council Summer Kick-Off Party!

The EcoHealth Alliance Young Professionals Council Summer Kick-Off party was a fabulous, fun affair.

Guests cooled off with fun summer cocktails, and delicious appetizers at SideBar whilst participating in an amazing raffle! Raffle tickets were a deal at $10 each and prizes included memberships to New York Sports Club, Jo Malone perfumes, gift certificates to renowned NYC restaurants, gift certificates to Sephora and Holstee and so much more!

A great time was had by all and everyone that attended is definitely on the look out for the next EcoHealth Alliance Young Professionals Council event!

EcoHealth Alliance (EHA) empowers local conservation scientists worldwide to protect nature and safeguard ecosystem and human health. We are a non-profit with headquarters located in New York City. There are so many organizations focused on various important initiatives; EcoHealth Alliance’s unique niche is that we are the only non-profit dedicated to the protection of the environment, as well as wildlife, and human health.

How do we do all of this? Well, EHA’s work is grounded in science; our conservation scientists are dedicated to examining damaged ecosystems, the subsequent emergence of disease and ultimately the effects on the health of animals and people.

Did you know that 70 percent of all emerging diseases affecting us today originated in wildlife? New viruses can easily be transmitted to people living in close proximity to damaged natural habitats. The spread of HIV/AIDS, Ebola, Malaria, SARS, West Nile and Nipah virus ALL have one thing in common – these diseases emerged from animals.

Our mission is to stop disease in its tracks before it becomes a pandemic threat; we empower scientists around the globe in ‘hot spot’ regions to identify damaged ecosystems and to test wildlife for disease.

The EcoHealth Alliance Young Professionals Council (EHA YPC) is a group of young professionals dedicated to increasing the awareness of EcoHealth Alliance amongst our generation. The YPC aims to support the sustainability of EHA through organizing fun, unique, networking events, and lending their own unique skill sets to the organization.

Are you interested in being involved with the EcoHealth Alliance Young Professionals Council?

Contact Shari at sampson@ecohealthalliance.org

Photos: Hannah Rosenblum

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