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David Webb Celebration to benefit the Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering
06/22/2011 - By David Webb @ 942 Madison Avenue, NYC

David Webb Celebration to benefit the Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering
Photos by ANN WATT @ Society-Photos.com

Sima Ghadamian, Mark Emanuel, Dr. Annette Rickel, Sebastien David

On Wednesday, The Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering hosted a celebration with the legendary jeweler David Webb benefiting the Society’s Annual Appeal, which is ‘Targeting Melanoma'.

The Society has raised over a $1 million to date for the appeal.
David Webb established himself as the ‘go to’ jeweler in Manhattan and the New York social registry flocked to him. The guests were greeted by the David Webb owners Sima Ghadamian, Mark Emanuel and Robert Sadian. The trio plans to carry forward a rich tradition of design, craftsmanship and creativity drawing on the immense archives of illustrations, models and molds, that represent the legacy of David Webb, a unique American genius.
Some who attend were: Eleanora Kennedy, Daisy Soros, Annette Rickel (the newly appointed President of The Society of MSKCC), Lavinia Snyder, Libby Fitzgerald, Heather Leeds, Grace Meigher, Lisa Errico, Alexandra Penny, Lady Liliana Cavendish, Adrienne Vittadini, Marjorie Reed Gordon and Amy Fine Collins
• Approximately one American dies of melanoma every hour. Once melanoma spreads internally, it is almost always fatal.
• New melanoma diagnoses and prevalence are rising faster than any other solid tumor in western populations.
• Conventional chemotherapy has failed to be an effective treatment for melanoma. Recent discoveries in the biology of cancer allow us to pinpoint and cure malignancies in the body using targeted therapies.
• This year’s Annual Appeal will change the face of melanoma treatment by bringing immunologists and pathways scientists together to create a more successful course of treatment.
• MSKCC possesses leading scientists and clinicians and one the world’s most comprehensive melanoma research databases, making this institution the most promising center for a targeted therapy revolution.
• Your donation will fund research and clinical trials focused on targeted therapies, moving discoveries from the laboratory to the bedside.
• Recent clinical trials have demonstrated that these novel approaches can produce dramatic responses in patients.
To learn more or donate to The Society of MSKCC’s Annual Appeal, please visit, www.societyofmskcc.org, where you may view videos and download pod casts. For more information please call 212.639.7972 or email society@mskcc.org.
Photos by ANN WATT @ Society-Photos.com

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