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Broadway Salutes, Arts Horizons Gala 2010
10/25/2010 - By New York, NY

Broadway Salutes, Arts Horizons Gala 2010

Arts Horizons recently held its annual Broadway Salutes, Arts Horizons Gala. Considering the amazing roster of honorees, entertainers and VIP, “The Legends Gala” may have been a more appropriate title.

Paul Simon was honored for his contribution to the Arts and his charitable work. His long time friend, Broadway veteran James L. Nederlander presented the award. The energy and excitement in the room was palpable when Mr. Simon picked up his guitar and sang. Arlene Dahl was also among the evening’s honorees. Rex Reed spoke of his teenage crush on the Silver Screen goddess. He recalled how she autographed a photo for him using her eyebrow pencil, the only thing she had handy, many years ago. The audience was in stitches when Reed presented Dahl with a replacement eyebrow pencil, along with her award. Philip Sellinger, managing shareholder of New Jersey GreenbergTraurig, was also honored for his Humanitarian work.

None of the festivities would have been possible without Celeste Holm. The Oscar-winning actress, a long-time supporter of Arts Horizons, introduced both Dahl and Simon to the organization. For over 30 years, Arts Horizons has provided over 8 million children in the tri-state region with innovative arts-in-education programs.

The Food Network’s Marc Summers was emcee and kept the audience entertained throughout the night. And Broadway vocal coach and accompanist Trapper Felides led a group of Broadway up-and-comers in a mélange of Simon standards. The crowd were on their feet singing and dancing along. At the end of the night, guests left the gorgeous, deco Edison Ballroom truly “humming the party” and looking forward to next year’s gala.

Among the attendees were Bonnie Pfeifer Evans, Margo McNabb Nederlander, Stewart Lane and Bonnie Comley, Marc Rosen, Carole Holmes McCarthy, Frank Basile, Dr. Eric Braverman, Lee Mellis, Catherine Saxton, Marty Richards, Cheri Kaufman and William Sclight, Kent Manahan, Rozanne Gold, Arts Horizons Founder John Devol and Arts Horizons Director Elizabeth Halverstam.

Photos By: Rob Rich

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