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Bette Midler’s “Hulaween” 2009 to benefit the New York Restoration Project
10/30/2009 - By The Waldorf Astoria

Bette Midler’s “Hulaween” 2009 to benefit the New York Restoration Project

Bette Midler’s “Hulaween” 2009 to benefit the New York Restoration Project

Bette Midler’s annual gala for the New York Restoration Project is called “Hulaween” and celebs and the fashionable come decked out in costumes galore. Michael Kors who said he was “very excited to be here” paid tribute to the late 60’s with his Woodstock inspired with silver wig & guitar. Asked what inspired the costume he said that it was the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock. “I was 8 years old at sleep away camp at the original”. Gloria Gaynor came as a Pirate of the Caribbean. Kate Pierson of the B-52s told us that her summer tour wardrobe was of the cowgirl motif and that’s what inspired her costume, complete with the toy guns and holster. Tonight we were treated to our own Addams Family led by James and Margo (Gomez / Morticia Addams) Nederlander. FYI: The Addams Family starring Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth, will be the new musical coming to a Nederlander Theater in the spring.

The Waldorf Astoria ballroom was decked in full “Hulaween” motif, and each and every table’s centerpiece was a live tree, which were auctioned off and will be planted to beautify the city. Bette, introduced by Whoopi Goldberg, and Event MC Comedienne Judy (Abe Lincoln) Gold hosted the fundraising tree sale as Bette went table to table picking up donations from such companies as Jet Blue with CEO David Barger, the Poses Family of The American Standard Company and Bristol-Meyers Squibb CEO James L. Cornelius and his wife Kathleen. Also in attendance were Police Commissioner Ray Kelly with his wife Veronica, and Martha Stewart, Katie Couric, John McEnroe and wife Patti Smyth all opened their checkbooks to support this wonderful cause. Mayor Mike arrived precisely at 9 and took his seat next to Bette. He was dressed in a pastel-colored dress shirt, black V-neck sweater, and pumpkin colored trousers. Later, when he took to the stage, Mike tried to convince us that he was dressed as Matt Damon. Bette gifted him with an apple tree - which he accepted with the understanding that he wouldn’t sit under it with anyone else but her! Bette also gave him a pair of tickets to her show in Las Vegas, her latest CD and a bar of her soap. Who knew she had soap???

Tomorrow is Halloween, so I asked Bette what she would like the Great Pumpkin to bring her for Halloween, she said, “A lot more trees” and “A cleaner, greener NYC”. With New York Restoration Project we are seeing it happen. They have planted over two hundred fifty thousands trees throughout New York City in parks, school yards, Pubic Housing, college campuses, cultural institutions and hospitals, and helped to clean up many parks throughout New York City.

Want to participate, it’s not too late… there is an online auction with incredible items to bid on at www.charityfolks.com/nyrp. Plus you can go to the organization website, www.nyrp.org to learn more. You just may be inspired to buy a tree!

Text by Mickey Heller, photos by Ann Watt @ Society-Photos.com

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