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Asia WeekNY kick-off reception at the Morgan Museum & Library
03/16/2012 - By www.AnnieWatt.com

Asia WeekNY kick-off reception at the Morgan Museum & Library
photos by Annie Watt (917) 968-1210

William Griswold, Henry Howard-Sneyd

Asia WeekNY held their kick-off reception at the Morgan Museum & Library.

International collectors and curators head to New York every March to partake in a non-stop of week of auctions, symposia and fascinating exhibitions presented by over three-dozen galleries, from here and abroad. It’s an excellent opportunity to view (and purchase) an astonishing array of the rarest and finest Asian examples of porcelain, jewelry, paintings, ceramics, sculpture, books, bronzes, prints, photographs, and jades from China, Japan, Korea, India the Himalayas, and Southeast Asia.

The locale for the event was particularly fitting since Pierpont Morgan, the museum’s founder, had a strong interest in Asian art, and he assembled a collection of some 1,400 Chinese ceramics, almost all of which were sold after his death and are now widely dispersed. Moreover, in 1913, the year Morgan died, he was involved in negotiations that—had they come to fruition—would have brought to New York the lion’s share of the Qing imperial collection.

Among the works on view at the Morgan are: a ritual bronze vessel datable to the Western Zhou Dynasty (ca. 1046-771 BCE), which Pierpont Morgan’s son, Jack, purchased from C.T. Loo in 1917, and which formerly was in the collection of the Qianlong emperor (r. 1736-1795); a never-before-exhibited Northern Qi (550-577) limestone head of a Bodhisattva, formerly in the collection of Belle da Costa Greene, which came from the important complex of mountainside shrines hewn from the living rock at Xiangtangshan; a Tang Dynasty handscroll (618-907) that transcribes the second chapter of the Mahaparinirvana Sutra; a Kangxi-period bottle vase from the collection of Pierpont Morgan, the last piece of his large holdings of Chinese ceramics that remains at the Morgan; and a selection of documents, in code, related to Pierpont Morgan’s 1913 negotiations to purchase the Qing collection. www.themorgan.org

Guests included Henry Howard-Sneyd, William Griswold, Joan Mirviss, Jiyoung Koo, Jean Shafiroff, Gregory Speck, James Lally, Carol Conover, Tina Zonars, Sir Peter Moores KBE, Roger and Miranda Keverne, Edith Dicconson, Conor Mahoney, Suneet Kapoor, Beatrice Chang, Martha Sutherland, Carlo Cristi, Katherine Martin, Karen Wenders, John Eskenazi, Peter Kang, Arnold Lieberman, Michael and Lisa Hughes, Eric Zetterquist, Oliver Forge, Brendan Lynch, Jonathan Tucker and Antonia Tozer, Sue Ollemans, Erik and Cornelia Thomsen, Michael Feng, Leonardo, Tomaso and Gerolamo Vigorelli, George and Katherine Fan, Christopher Luce, Francesca Galloway, and Catherine Sweeney Singer. www.asiaweekny.com

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