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American Cancer Society’s Inaugural Summer Bash FESTIVE IN FLIP FLOPS raises over $200,000
08/20/2011 - By Bridgehampton Tennis and Surf Club

American Cancer Society’s Inaugural Summer Bash FESTIVE IN FLIP FLOPS raises over $200,000
Photos by Annie Watt @ Society-Photos.com

Mark Feuerstein, Bill Koenigsberg, Rick Passarelli, Joseph Smith, Joe Abuzzesse, Jack Klues, Buddy Valastro, Ronnie Rothstein

The American Cancer Society’s Inaugural Hamptons Summer Bash Festive in Flip Flops, was presented by Discovery Communications’ Joe Abruzzese and Horizon Media’s Bill Koenigsberg and co-chaired by Sherri Abruzzese and Gopa Dobson.

Mark Feuerstein, star of Royal Pains made an excellent emcee. Over 250 guests were donned in festive attire for a Robbins Wolfe Eventeurs dinner and danced to music by The Touch. Over $200,000.00 was raised and there was an auction of fabulous prizes; each guest received a pair of Flip Flops donated by FlipOut Sandals.

Silver Sponsors: Bobby Van’s Restaurants, Carlo’s Bakery, Kleinfeld, Michael and Mary Levine Foundation, Turner Broadcasting/CNN, Vivaki.

Benefit Committee: Lori Berke; Christy Birnbaum; Ellie Libby; Ann Liguori; Emma K. McGrattan; Leslie B. Anderson, Esq; Cynthia F. Grauer; Deborah A. Taylor; Jordana Roberts; Harriet Rosenberger; Kristina L. Scanio; Gloria Snyder; Shari Vermeulen

Guests included: Buddy Valastro, Cake Boss; Ronnie Rothstein, Say Yes to the Dress; Jean and Martin Shafiroff; Sharon Bush; Carmen Marc Valvo, couturier; Joe Abruzzese, Discovery Communications; Bill Koenigsberg, Horizon Media; B. Smith, lifestyle expert; Joseph Smith, Bobby Van’s; Greg D’Alba, Turner Broadcasting; David Levy, Turner Broadcasting; Ann Liguori, Sports Broadcaster; Mary and Michael Levine; Shari Vermeulen and more.

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