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ALA 'Live Colorfully' Kate Spade Fashion Show Fundraiser
05/06/2011 - By Las Vegas, Nevada

ALA 'Live Colorfully' Kate Spade Fashion Show Fundraiser

Spring is in the air and this benefit for the American Lung Association of Nevada is all about improving the quality of the air, while at the same time, making sure we all have healthy lungs with which to breath that clean air.

Held at the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas, the "Live Colorfully" spring fashion show and fundraiser was presented by designer Kate Spade New York.

Native Nevadan and television star, Matthew Gray Gubler from the hit CBS series, "Criminal Minds" made a special guest appearance at the luncheon and held an impromptu Q & A session for fans.

Gubler said he even took time out to research the subject matter and was quite surprised at the information he found.
"I found out that smoking is the leading cause of statistics," mocked Gubler.

"I typically receive a lot of tweets, but the response to my tweet about lung cancer was, like absolutely flabbergasting," said Gubler. "Which just reminds you how far reaching and serious a disease like lung cancer is."

Raising over $50,000 the American Lung Association of Nevada members have a strong commitment to fighting lung disease and bringing fresh air to Nevada.

"All the money raised will go towards our programs," Marilyn Gubler continued. "We have an asthma camp for children who have never been able to be outdoors and do vigorous activities, we lobby to try and cut down on all the ambient smoke problems and breathing, and we work with people who have COPD."

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