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75th Annual Atlanta Dogwood Festival
04/15/2011 - By Atlanta, GA

75th Annual Atlanta Dogwood Festival

Marking an exciting 75 years of existence, the Atlanta Dogwood Festival took place April 15 through 17 and welcomed a couple hundred thousand attendees throughout the weekend.

The 75th Annual Dogwood Festival took place in Atlanta’s beautiful Piedmont Park and began with an Opening Ceremony & Ribbon Cutting on Friday. Other special events during the festival were the La Fête International Wine Tasting and the Friends of Dogwood Pavilion. The city’s favorite springtime tradition had an entire weekend’s worth of enjoyment with special additions like the vintage 9-story 1960s Seattle Ferris Wheel and Carousel and more than 250 fine artists from throughout the country in a variety of media like painting, jewelry, fabric, sculpture, glass and more. Over the weekend, attendees also enjoyed live entertainment on four stages and a visit from HLN money man Clark Howard.

Dogwood Picture List from Friday Night La Fête International Wine Tasting

ADF1: Rudy Frappier, Lesley Frappier, Ricardo Vega
ADF2: Jason Patrick, Meg Winstead
ADF3: Ronnie Bullleit, Jamie Ensley
ADF4: Clay Stone, Elizabeth Stone, Steve Andrews
ADF5: Gabriela Gonzalez-Lamberson, Consul Salvador De Lara Rangel, Lesley Frappier
ADF6: Steve Andrews, Carrie Whitney
ADF7: Back: Walter Brooks, Front: Melissa Thomas, Nakita Pope, Sam Baumgarten
ADF8: Bart Lamberson, Ric Martin
ADF9: Mike Alvear, Jeff Ellis
ADF12: Jennifer and Brian Hill

Photos: Michael Frey

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