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2010 Frick Museum Young Fellows Ball
02/25/2010 - By The Frick Museum

2010 Frick Museum Young Fellows Ball

Despite the severe and worsening snowstorm that raged throughout the afternoon and all evening (shutting Fifth Avenue down at one point), attendance at the 2010 Young Fellows Ball was absolutely fantastic.

Over 630 people braved the weather and, once inside, enjoyed the complete comfort of the former Frick mansion. Over $235,000 was raised in support of the education program, in the process. Leaving was slow, given the weather and layers of clothing needed to venture out, but then again, nobody wanted to go anyway. Could have turned into an unprecedented sleep over…(but didn’t, thanks to a fleet of car services).

Seventy-five years ago, Henry Clay Frick’s desire to present his art collection and mansion to the people of New York City was realized with the opening of The Frick Collection. The museum’s debut was accompanied by national headlines, and the opening celebration was attended by luminaries of the social and political worlds, among them Colonel and Mrs. Charles Lindbergh and members of the Astor, Carnegie, Mellon, Rockefeller, Straus, Sulzberger, and Vanderbilt families
(a complete list of the 700 people invited to the preview and reception was printed in The New York Herald Tribune.)

To mark the Frick’s anniversary in 2010, the museum has created a year-long series of celebrations, programs, and new offerings, the true kick-off of which was the Diamond Deco Ball on February 25. This keenly anticipated event was the eleventh annual fundraiser hosted by the museum’s Young Fellows. As was the case this winter, the Young Fellows Ball is frequently heralded by The New York Times as one of the “Most Memorable Parties of the Year.” In 2010, the museum turned the clock back seventy-five years for an elegance-infused art deco soiree, the core of which occurred in the Garden Court and Music Room, which were added to the residence in 1935 by the celebrated architect John Russell Pope.

Photos: John Calabrese & Christine A. Butler

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